Jo-El and Bobbye Sonnier Rebuilding After Storm, Call for Supplies to Local Organization

Photo Courtesy of Care-Help of Sulphur, Inc Facebook

An organization in Sulphur needs your help to continue helping the victims of Hurricane Laura. Care-Help of Sulphur has been helping the less fortunate of Sulphur for years. This place normally distributes food, clothing and has even helped pay bills for local families. And now the since major devastation of Hurricane Laura their resources have been exhausted.

Monetary donations are greatly appreciated and accepted online at or items can be dropped at the facility located at 200 N. Huntington, Sulphur, La, 70663.

Many of the employees and volunteers have been dividing their time between picking up the pieces at their own homes as well as helping distribute supplies to their neighbors.

Photos courtesy of Bobbye Sonnier

One of their employees is, Bobbye Sonnier. She is also married to legendary accordion musician Jo-El Sonnier.

Jo-El and Bobbye live in Westlake and their home was also severely damaged during the storm. At first, the two considered riding out the storm when it was a Category 3. But by Wednesday morning, the couple was encouraged by family to evacuate. So they did and headed to a town in North Texas.

Bobbye Sonnier said the downed trees and power lines made it difficult to return to their hometown. It was not until Saturday that they were able to finally see the destruction of their neighborhood. Although she had been given a heads-up on the amount of damage from people in the area, it was something that she was not prepared to see. According to Bobbye, it looked like a war zone. There were uprooted trees, flipped sheds, and a lifetime of memories spread all over the lawn.

The Sonniers immediately began the cleanup process. Bobbye said the National Guard and outreach of friends have been amazing. John Schneider and his wife even showed up with supplies. She said locals were thrilled to see John Schneider aka Bo Duke handing out water to hurricane victims. She said his presence help boost morale.

The Sonniers at first took shelter at her place of employment, the Care-Help Center in Sulphur. Showering consisted of a make-shift curtain, bucket, and hose. The couple will soon move into a camper until their home is restored. Bobbye says she looks forward to taking a regular shower. As right now, they do have fresh safe water but no electricity. According to reports that she has heard, it could be a month before power is fully restored. Until then, the Sonnier will continue to rebuild and work with the Care-Help organization distributing supplies.

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