Locals Say Haunted Attraction Is An Actual Torture Chamber

This sounds like something from a scary movie. Haunted house lures people inside its lair with the promise of a large cash prize. The only catch is you must sign your rights away, undergo extreme torture and survive a whole day. Well, this story is not from a script out of Hollywood. This is a real place in Nashville, Tennesse, and the locals are reaching to authorities to put a stop to it. Locals say it is not a haunted attraction but an actual torture chamber.

There is a haunted attraction in Nashville that is offering $20, 000 to anyone who can successfully finish the experience from beginning to end. According to its owner, no one has been able to complete it. Before entering, participants are required to complete a health physical, undergo a drug test and sign a 40-page waiver. In the waiver, the participants agree to be force-fed, locked in a small space, shaved and or beaten. There is no cost to enter the attraction and sometimes the experience could last up to 10 hours. Although, according to the owner, no one has ever come close to lasting that long.

People who live in the area have started a petition against the attraction citing it is really a secret torture chamber. The locals want police to investigate the attraction and shut it down. The petition has already garnered at least 30,000 signatures. Someone who lives close to the place called authorities to report a kidnapping. Apparently, there was screaming coming from the building. When police arrived at the scene, there was a shivering woman who appeared to have been beaten. But according to a report, she signed up for the treatment.

As of right now, the haunted attraction is still in operation.

**UPDATE*** The petition has 70,000 signatures.

Source: NY POST

Source: Fox